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East Gate Christian Fellowship
What We Believe 
Growth is a key aspect of our walk with God, and part of that walk is the local church experience. We are committed to building relationships and to serving our community. Our church desires to see everyone come to an experience with God for Who He is. We desire to train up those in our spiritual family in the gifts that God has given them and teach them how to effectively use those gifts to reach others.

Below you will get an idea of what we believe:
  • The full deity and humanity of Christ
  • The authority and inerrancy of Scripture
  • The Trinity 
  • The spiritual lost-ness of the human race
  • The substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
  • Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate, distinct experience, providing endowment of power for life and service, accompanied by speaking in tongues
  • The manifestation of all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in the local assembly, God dividing the gifts amongst the believers severally as He wills
  • The physical return of Christ

East Gate Christian Fellowship

127 North St.
Salem, MA 01970

Pastor Lou Badolato
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